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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The longest line .........................

Went to the grocery… there was a long line in the package counter and people were complaining… the guy manning the counter was working double and fast. He got my package when it was my turn and he smiled as he gave my claim tag.

It was the same in the cashier counters. All the cashiers were busy, there were long lines in all counters and most carts and baskets were full… the wait was long to get to my turn but still I got served…well, eventually anyway…

Then I had to claim my package. Geez! The line on the claim section was even longer! It was probably 10 times the line on the deposit section when I got in earlier and it was a really long line. There was now a very short line on the deposit section as most have probably backed out on doing their shopping after they saw the line. The wait was long and lots of people were muttering their complaints but one man was real angry and was scolding a supervisor. He wouldn’t stop complaining… and I couldn’t help looking and listening! Then it was finally his turn and I did not see him anymore. I still had to wait for my turn… And I waited and waited and waited until finally it was my turn. It was the same guy that released my package and there was still that smile on his face when he handed my package. Now, I couldn’t help myself thanking him seeing his effort and the smile…

Then I got out of the grocery ready to go home after the long lines… and I saw the complaining man… Ah he was talking to a lady and he was still angry as he talked about the long line… Suddenly a thought flashed my mind! “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” Hmmm… he was not really sweating the small stuff but definitely SWEARING on the small stuff. He was only making is life miserable as he clings to that thought… maybe he enjoys making himself miserable… Hahaha… there were times I was like him too but good thing I wasn’t. Wish I’m always calm and at peace…

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Silent Night? Holy Night?

My family just finished our get together Christmas eve celebration and they are off to bed now except for my sister in law who is still working online and me. It should already be silent at this time of the night but our neighbor still has not finished their celebration and I could still hear them singing from their videoke. They sure sound like they are having a good time.

Early this evening I also went to church for a Christmas eve celebration. There were several masses for the night… every hour starting at 8:00 pm till 10:00 pm (I attended the 9:00 pm mass) it was traffic going to church, there were so many people on the road and when I got home there were still so many people on the road and on the streets I passed by there were already celebration… some having children’s party… some have drinking sprees… some with their videokes… some playing dance music… the road was noisy! Then there were some who were already lighting firecrackers and throwing them on the road which made me pause several times just to make sure I don’t get hit and the blast doesn’t hurt my ears!

It sure was not silent!

At home when we started our celebration, I realized we forgot the birthday cake. We always have a “Happy Birthday Jesus!” cake on Christmas but we did not have it tonight, hope I’ll be able to get one tomorrow and we could sing one more time “Happy Birthday Jesus!” The kids lead in singing Happy birthday Jesus right after we said our Blessing. Then we ate our noche buena then mama opened the television for the Christmas healing Mass with Father Gerry Orbos and Father Glenn.

So it was not a silent night but it still is a Holy night for my family!

Happy birthday once again dear Jesus!

Now off to bed too for me…

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unshoppaholic’s walk through a Night Market

Julie and Raul came to the office this afternoon. Julie my walking buddy is back! It would be nice to walk farther again and we did and Raul came with us too. We passed our normal walking route around Soler. It is a narrow road but there are still some vehicles that are able to pass there though only very slowly. Vendors have taken over a big portion of the street. But that road is better because they have closed the whole stretch of Recto from Soler/Dagupan area to Abad Santos for more than a week already.

Every night they close the street to traffic and vendors take over the area and they place their goods everywhere they wish to that you can’t even walk a straight line. So many vendors but if you look closely there are not that many buyers… most are just walking… going to their rides… sometimes you could even hear some vendors pleading with you to buy so they have some sales. As I’ve said in my earlier post, I get overwhelmed when I see so many goods for sale and I found a way to not look at all the things being sold, focus on my steps (and yes my bag!) and let go of the chaos…

I could not walk fast so I walk slowly and with each step, I utter a prayer. I can feel the rhythm in my prayer. And even if I could not walk a straight line going to my ride, I am able to breeze through the night market. It is a big relief and for a few days I am getting a bonus. We are going to have our training and meeting in another place and I won’t have to pass through the market –street for a few days! Yehey!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Anticipating Christmas

The Christmas season has not always been my “most” favorite of the season even if it is the most festive season in the Philippines. I actually find the season chaotic especially since I am in the bargain capital of the Philippines and the place is so crowded during this time. So many of my officemates enjoy the shopping and they get pretty good bargains but for an UNSHOPAHOLIC person like me, the volume of the goods around me overwhelms me! DO people really need all those stuff???

It is late I have not done any shopping… we are going to have our annual training and meeting and I have not fully prepared the materials for it…the year-end is nearing and I still have so much work to do in the office… Arghhh!!!

So many distractions for Christmas!

But Christmas is important, it is Christ’s birth we are looking forward to but the materialism that goes with the season “clouds” our focus. I have attended two Advent recollections and somehow they lifted the cloud of chaos that goes with the season.

Tomorrow is going to be the start of the Misa de Gallo (Simbang gabi). So many Catholics go to church to join in this novena mass but I have never completed one, for a long time I have also not really attended one… I have thought of attending and completing such novena mass but truth is, I am still more comfortable with the regular daily mass.

So like in previous years, I have decided to go on with my daily mass but this year I am also including a personal Christmas novena. It will help me reflect on the real essence of Christmas and really prepare my heart for Christ’s visitation…

Monday, December 01, 2008

La Mesa dam Ecopark

Our HOLD sector had its early Christmas party at Ecopark at La Mesa dam. It has been ages since I have been in that area. I remember the only other time I was there was when I was around 11 years old when we joined a Lions club family function of papa. The place did not really impress me at that time and it seemed to be far from the city during that time but it I realized now that it is no near my home and that it is a good park and like Quezon Memorial Circle is not really far from our place.

It was so nice being around huge trees! There were Narra, Gmelina, Mahogany, Ipil and other trees. From the Ipil Pavillion where we had our group’s party, you can see a terraces full of different flowers. I was not able to go around the area though since our sector’s get-together was long and I joined my group in going home right after, however, I was able to find a video that shows the whole place…

I was with my sister when we went to the place and we talked about it with the other family members when we got home. We have decided to go back to the place one of these days for a picnic. Surely looking forward to it! :)