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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Silent Night? Holy Night?

My family just finished our get together Christmas eve celebration and they are off to bed now except for my sister in law who is still working online and me. It should already be silent at this time of the night but our neighbor still has not finished their celebration and I could still hear them singing from their videoke. They sure sound like they are having a good time.

Early this evening I also went to church for a Christmas eve celebration. There were several masses for the night… every hour starting at 8:00 pm till 10:00 pm (I attended the 9:00 pm mass) it was traffic going to church, there were so many people on the road and when I got home there were still so many people on the road and on the streets I passed by there were already celebration… some having children’s party… some have drinking sprees… some with their videokes… some playing dance music… the road was noisy! Then there were some who were already lighting firecrackers and throwing them on the road which made me pause several times just to make sure I don’t get hit and the blast doesn’t hurt my ears!

It sure was not silent!

At home when we started our celebration, I realized we forgot the birthday cake. We always have a “Happy Birthday Jesus!” cake on Christmas but we did not have it tonight, hope I’ll be able to get one tomorrow and we could sing one more time “Happy Birthday Jesus!” The kids lead in singing Happy birthday Jesus right after we said our Blessing. Then we ate our noche buena then mama opened the television for the Christmas healing Mass with Father Gerry Orbos and Father Glenn.

So it was not a silent night but it still is a Holy night for my family!

Happy birthday once again dear Jesus!

Now off to bed too for me…


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