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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goodbye Pope Benedict XVI

Today is the last day of Pope Benedict XIV. He is leaving with no funfare, just a simple goodbye today to the cardinals who will be selecting the new pope soon and a simple farewell on his last general audience yesterday wearing his white garment.

Later when he arrives in Castel Gandolfo, He will have a last balcony farewell to the people who are blessed to be there.

Unlike Pope John Paul II who visited the Philippines, I never had a chance to see him personally but I got to read more of his writings than Pope John Paul II. He was pressed with so much problems and he faced it with humility.

I know that the Lord guided Him in his decision and though it was a hard one, I believe he is at peace with it.
He should be after all He knows that God is in control of His Holy Church...
And I too know that and like him, I too should be at peace...