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Monday, June 09, 2008

Pedophiled chicks

Sometimes when I walk on our street I would see a man peddling chicks in different color. The children would surround him and buy chicks and you would see them in their hands. Most of them really excited as they hold these chicks in their hands!

However, today I saw one of those colored chicks crushed to the ground, its colored body lifeless! I don’t really know how it happened. Did it accidentally get off from the child and got hit? Did one of the children get tired and threw it? Did one mean kid enjoyed throwing and bashing it till it died?

These chicks sold are never meant to grow. They are sold to children so they look at them and play with them till they get tired of them. But this should not be so… chicks are meant to grow and become chicken (ahh okay you would say to be eaten later on too! Good thing I don’t eat chicken now) and the children should not play with them but should help them grow.

I suddenly associated these children with pedophiles (ah okay they are not the same term). Pedophiles prey on children, they satisfy their need at the expense of children just as the children play and have fun at the expense of these chicks. The vendors are like pimps parading these chicks in different colors to attract customers. I know these vendors are just trying to make a living but if you really think about it, it is cruel and the children may think it is fun but they are actually not getting the right values when they are allowed to buy them.

I guess I felt sorry for the chick I saw lifeless but more I felt bad at what children learn from the trade. :(