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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A friend

I found a song by Keno from tristan cafe and decided to do a recording.

A friend...

Just what is a friend?
Do you really seek them?
Do they have to be always around?
Do you have to need them?

A friend is a friend... that's it!

You treasure them...
You wish them well...
You are grateful that you met them...

and you wish that they too find a friend in you! :)

Angel's eyes

I am posting my friend's song...

I was listening to my recording and this one and my nephew was with me. When I asked him about my voice, he said "pangit!" (ugly!)... then i played Erik's song and he said "nice!"... hmmm I knew I should have consented to what he was asking for when I asked him about my voice. ;)

Anyway, the song was sent to me earlier yet after I showed him a karaoke site in the net. It is his birthday so I thought i'd share his song. It is pretty neat!

Angel's eyes!

I could imagine him singing this song on stage with a band while his wife Jan and I are listening in the audience. He then takes her upstage and look in her angel's eyes and hold her hand and sing to her. ANd we in the audience are just mesmerized by it all...

Kakilig! :))

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

American Dream

Last week I talked with a former officemate whose family has settled in the US for sometime already and she was telling me that the "American Dream" is gone. I am not really sure what she meant but I guess it is what many Filipinos consider as having a better life in the US than what they have here now.

She told me that life is difficult for them there now especially so since she is not currently working since she had an operation for colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. She shared about how the value of their first property rose from $80K to as much as $300K and that they sold it (but at a lesser value than the 300K) and bought another property but now its value has gone really low!

Well I was telling her that life here is difficult too...well she already knows that... but I guess I was just consoling her and sharing in her sadness.

Now that the US has elected a new president, maybe she'll feel that the American Dream is still alive!

As for me... Am still hoping for my "Philippine Dream" that our country will be so rich that Overseas Filipinos would come back and other nationals would beg to be here...

Ahh will it ever come to reality???
You never know... sometimes things happen.
Of course it will never happen if we just keep on sleeping ;-)