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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea of ...

I had to go some places for some errands this morning and I had a terrible headache so I got up a bit later. First I went to my nephew’s school to enroll him, and then I had to go to my learning center. It was hot that I decided to take a taxi going there. Traffic was heavy and it took a long time to get there. I did not stay there long though since I only had to submit a form. There was no public ride from there and taking a taxi would bring me back to my earlier route which still has a heavy traffic so I decided to walk to the bus stop that would avoid the route. The walk was quite long and I was perspiring when I got inside the air-conditioned bus. I still had my headache so I decided to just close my eyes. I guess I dozed off because I was already near my stop when I opened my eyes… plus I realized that it was raining very hard! I was near but it took a long time for me to reach my stop since the streets were flooded. My back was still wet from my perspiration and it was raining hard and I was thinking that I might get sick (Geez! I don’t want to get sick!!!) Good thing I always carry my small 3-folds umbrella but I got wet when I had to cross the street from the stop for my next ride. The downpour was really heavy and I know I had to wait for it to stop a bit before I proceed… and where else to wait it off than a fast-food. There was a Chowking so I had lunch there (they really raked in a lot of sales that noon since it was full) while waiting for the rain to stop. Well, it did not really stop but at least it was not as heavy when I took my next ride. Once again the traffic was heavy and one passenger told the driver “parang dagat” (looks like a sea) referring to the flood. I seemed that even the jeepney was stressed out. I could feel it and suddenly I was humming “sea of love.” The passenger’s comment made me think of sea and somehow the tune was relaxing… I know it was useless to be stressed… I will get there when I get there so might just as well relax while waiting…

Finally I was there and once more the rain poured heavily… I couldn’t help but be really wet… but luck was still on my side! I had an extra slipper in the office so off with my wet socks and rubber shoes as I slip into dry slippers. My boss has a Malong and she lent it to me. It is indeed long and I could cover myself in it but then that would be too bold… good thing one of the girls has an extra shirt so she lent it to me and I used the malong for my skirt and just stay put in my desk while drying my clothes – hanging them in the chairs with an electric fan in front of them.

Malou, who is always glued on the radio would update us that the streets are still flooded. Ahh no use thinking about it, just hope that rain stops and flood subside before I go home. I stayed till 8:00 pm and clothes were already dry by that time. Wasn’t sure if the rain has completely stopped or if there was still flood but I was glad that there was no more rain when I got out of the building… no more sea of flood… but there were still sea of plastics on the side of the roads.

I’m safe at home now… dry and doesn’t feel sick! Hurray! The heavy downpour has caused some inconvenience earlier but now it is cool and I sure thank heavens for that heavy downpour…

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My beautiful gown

I only have one gown, the one I wore when I became a ninang to my cousin during his wedding in June, 2006 and I still think it beautiful! It is long (very long!), flowing, simple yet very elegant yet it is just there hidden in my closet after the event.

Late last month, we were told by our cluster head that we will have to wear a white gown on the last day of our international conference. I told her I have a gown but it is off-white and she said yes it will do. On one of our subsequent meetings she told us that it could be a white long dress or blouse and long skirt instead or if there is no skirt even a white pants will do but the preference is still a dress. I have no white dress, nor white pants so I asked her if there will be people wearing gown and they said for sure. I said okay I will wear my gown!

On the first day of the conference, we received our kit with the schedule of the activities and summary of the talks, they also announced the dress code… white dress, no more mention of gown… but I was looking at the talk and activities in the kit and noted that on the last day was like a wedding ceremony… a commitment.

I still did not have a white dress. I could rush to buy one especially since I though that wearing a gown would make me overdressed and I’d surely stand out since I’m tall but I asked some from our group and they said they would wear their ninang clothes also so I did not consider buying.

Still the night before, I was thinking if I should just be conservative and just wear a white blouse and a black pants or even a beige skirt since people will surely look at me if I am in gown and might even laugh or talk about me being overly dressed, however, deep down I feel that I wanted to wear my gown because it really was a special event – a commitment to the Lord! Never mind if I get talked about or even laughed at.

So, I went with my group, we rode a hired jeepney, 4 of us were in our ninang gowns while the rest were in their white blouse and pants. The gates of the stadium were not yet opened when we arrived and the women were all in white (pretty neat sight!) most were in pants though (but still pretty neat!)… we were the only ones I’ve seen in our gowns and true enough people looked at me. I don’t really know what went in their head but I just smiled… inside I could actually feel my heart giggling – thinking that I was overdressed yet feeling happy because I was really looking forward to the ceremony. I was seated far from my group but the sisters with me who were from different provinces were nice since the start of our convention that was why I did not bother to find ways to move with my group. I was the only one in gown in my box but it felt okay.

The day started great! The Eucharistic celebration special, the talk was good, the sharing welled our eyes, the ceremony wherein our partner (the sister beside me) placed the headdress in our head as we professed our commitment was solemn… then our mini praise fest fantastic.

After the event I changed to my t-shirt, slippers and knee-length shorts. The gown is back in the bag, then to the cleaners and soon back in the closet but I’m sure that like me, it too was happy to experience the joy of the event! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silay Airport

I am going back to Manila after spending time with my aunt who had an operation in her head. She’s far from full recovery but this is the longest I’ve stayed in our province and I could only pray that she recovers fast. I know that if she really desires and persevere she could easily get better.

Unlike my trip from Manila to Bacolod which was the earliest flight (4:55 am) my trip back was already in the early evening (7:05 pm) since it is a long way coming to Silay from our place (3 to 4 hours). The view on the early morning as we descended on the airport was lovely since one would get to see the area that is lined mostly by wide sugarcane plantations and nice subdivisions but you don’t really have a chance to see the view from the airport since you hurry to get your bag and check out of the airport to be on the way to our place.

Now, as I checked in at around 5:00 pm and it was still bright outside. The waiting area is on the second floor of the airport. You won’t get lost since it is a very small airport but nice and functional. There were seats facing the glass windows and in the middle was a flat screen. There was a film being shown but I had a book with me and decided to stay a bit on the side to read. However, when I looked at the window I dropped my book and decided to just marvel at the sight.

Beyond the airstrip are flat greens, though I couldn’t see a road I know that there is a road beyond since I could see some trucks driving through occasionally. Further to the right at rows and rows of coconut trees and on the left side a some coconut trees and a thicker green foliage… beyond is a mountain range. I wondered if it could be part of Kanlaon but I doubt it since Silay is more on the North of Negros. Above the mountain range are thick clouds. It was beautiful and seemed peaceful so that I couldn’t help myself from being captivated.

Slowly the cloud and the mountain seem to become one as the hues of light above still shone with some scatter of clouds lining the otherwise clear skies. Then I noted a thick white bright formation of cloud in the middle of blended mountain and cloud range. I was focused on it and noted that it was formed like a standing roaring bear, its face tilted upward, a hole where the roaring mouth is and its hands slightly upward also with the right higher than the left. I was amazed at the clear figure and pointed it to the lady beside me asking her if she could see it. I really did not know if she recognized it but she smiled nevertheless when I was talking with her. We didn’t really talk long but when I looked once more, it was gone. That cloud formation had just become a mass and was slowly descending and blending with the others.

It was starting to get darker outside. Somehow I was hoping that something comes up so that the airport would close it lights and I could still see clearly the view outside the window and appreciate the sight further because slowly instead of the sight I could now see the reflections of the people inside the waiting lounge. Ah lots of people, the 3 flights are going to be full… and there I am looking at myself now… no more view to behold! So, I pick up my book once more and wait since it will still be a while for my flight...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sacred Host

I was back in my sit after communion when I noted that one man received his communion in hand then went to the Lady of Perpetual help icon which was covered (all icons are covered with purple cloth for the holy week)then divided his host into two and only took ½ of it. I did not know where he placed the other half but he did not eat the whole thing! Then he placed a note in the covered icon of Our lady of Perpetual help and sat on the floor in front of it for a while before returning to his sit. The lay minister did not see him and I did not know what to do. The consecrated host is sacred and you can't place it anywhere, you've got to receive it and eat it!

I was distracted and no longer at ease. Should I approach him? Should I just mind my own business?

The mass ended and he left his sit and was going out of the church, he was smiling when he turned and he was babbling happily in English. Ahh, it seems he was not in the right mind. I was still thinking what to do while following him. We were already a few distance outside the church when I finally caught up with him and called out “Kuya!” (Brother) and he looked back and I told him nicely “Kuya hinati mo yung hostia at di mo kinain ng buo.” (Brother you divided the host and only ate half of it) he answered me in English “I am doing it in memory of Him!” I told him "Kuya, bigyan kita ng pagkain basta kainin mo lang yung natira" (Brother, I'll give you food if you eat the portion left) “No give me Twenty!” he said and I immediately said "yes" and he said we have to go back to church. I did not know why he still has to go back to church to eat the remaining portion but I went with him. He was asking me in English “What do you understand of doing in memory of Him?” And I said “You do something in remembrance of Him”, and he said “that is passive. What do you do?” And I answered “the host is sacred so you have to take the whole of it so it becomes a part of you”... We were actually conversing in English while walking and he answered “I divided mine so I could put the other with my prayer” I did not understand at first but we were back at the Perpetual help icon by that time and he got the prayer note he placed in the coverd icon and I saw the Holy Host stapled in a notepad with prayer which was also in English. He got the host and he ate it. And I told him “thank you!”

Other people still in church were looking at us but I did not mind. He was harmless and jolly and I guess in his mind he was not doing anything wrong but was actually exercising part of his spiritual belief. When we reached the front door of the church, I told him “Kuya, gusto mo kain na lang tayo MacDonald's?” (Brother, would you rather we just eat in McDonald's?)He said "No, give me the money. I need it since I am going to buy a (spiritual) book" I reached in my wallet and got P50.00 (I did not have P20.00) He smiled and left and I on the other hand crossed the street with my heart beating fast. There was nothing to be scared about… in our own mind we did what we have to do and we went on our separate ways. I am happy though that He ate the Sacred Host!