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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea of ...

I had to go some places for some errands this morning and I had a terrible headache so I got up a bit later. First I went to my nephew’s school to enroll him, and then I had to go to my learning center. It was hot that I decided to take a taxi going there. Traffic was heavy and it took a long time to get there. I did not stay there long though since I only had to submit a form. There was no public ride from there and taking a taxi would bring me back to my earlier route which still has a heavy traffic so I decided to walk to the bus stop that would avoid the route. The walk was quite long and I was perspiring when I got inside the air-conditioned bus. I still had my headache so I decided to just close my eyes. I guess I dozed off because I was already near my stop when I opened my eyes… plus I realized that it was raining very hard! I was near but it took a long time for me to reach my stop since the streets were flooded. My back was still wet from my perspiration and it was raining hard and I was thinking that I might get sick (Geez! I don’t want to get sick!!!) Good thing I always carry my small 3-folds umbrella but I got wet when I had to cross the street from the stop for my next ride. The downpour was really heavy and I know I had to wait for it to stop a bit before I proceed… and where else to wait it off than a fast-food. There was a Chowking so I had lunch there (they really raked in a lot of sales that noon since it was full) while waiting for the rain to stop. Well, it did not really stop but at least it was not as heavy when I took my next ride. Once again the traffic was heavy and one passenger told the driver “parang dagat” (looks like a sea) referring to the flood. I seemed that even the jeepney was stressed out. I could feel it and suddenly I was humming “sea of love.” The passenger’s comment made me think of sea and somehow the tune was relaxing… I know it was useless to be stressed… I will get there when I get there so might just as well relax while waiting…

Finally I was there and once more the rain poured heavily… I couldn’t help but be really wet… but luck was still on my side! I had an extra slipper in the office so off with my wet socks and rubber shoes as I slip into dry slippers. My boss has a Malong and she lent it to me. It is indeed long and I could cover myself in it but then that would be too bold… good thing one of the girls has an extra shirt so she lent it to me and I used the malong for my skirt and just stay put in my desk while drying my clothes – hanging them in the chairs with an electric fan in front of them.

Malou, who is always glued on the radio would update us that the streets are still flooded. Ahh no use thinking about it, just hope that rain stops and flood subside before I go home. I stayed till 8:00 pm and clothes were already dry by that time. Wasn’t sure if the rain has completely stopped or if there was still flood but I was glad that there was no more rain when I got out of the building… no more sea of flood… but there were still sea of plastics on the side of the roads.

I’m safe at home now… dry and doesn’t feel sick! Hurray! The heavy downpour has caused some inconvenience earlier but now it is cool and I sure thank heavens for that heavy downpour…


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