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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sacred Host

I was back in my sit after communion when I noted that one man received his communion in hand then went to the Lady of Perpetual help icon which was covered (all icons are covered with purple cloth for the holy week)then divided his host into two and only took ½ of it. I did not know where he placed the other half but he did not eat the whole thing! Then he placed a note in the covered icon of Our lady of Perpetual help and sat on the floor in front of it for a while before returning to his sit. The lay minister did not see him and I did not know what to do. The consecrated host is sacred and you can't place it anywhere, you've got to receive it and eat it!

I was distracted and no longer at ease. Should I approach him? Should I just mind my own business?

The mass ended and he left his sit and was going out of the church, he was smiling when he turned and he was babbling happily in English. Ahh, it seems he was not in the right mind. I was still thinking what to do while following him. We were already a few distance outside the church when I finally caught up with him and called out “Kuya!” (Brother) and he looked back and I told him nicely “Kuya hinati mo yung hostia at di mo kinain ng buo.” (Brother you divided the host and only ate half of it) he answered me in English “I am doing it in memory of Him!” I told him "Kuya, bigyan kita ng pagkain basta kainin mo lang yung natira" (Brother, I'll give you food if you eat the portion left) “No give me Twenty!” he said and I immediately said "yes" and he said we have to go back to church. I did not know why he still has to go back to church to eat the remaining portion but I went with him. He was asking me in English “What do you understand of doing in memory of Him?” And I said “You do something in remembrance of Him”, and he said “that is passive. What do you do?” And I answered “the host is sacred so you have to take the whole of it so it becomes a part of you”... We were actually conversing in English while walking and he answered “I divided mine so I could put the other with my prayer” I did not understand at first but we were back at the Perpetual help icon by that time and he got the prayer note he placed in the coverd icon and I saw the Holy Host stapled in a notepad with prayer which was also in English. He got the host and he ate it. And I told him “thank you!”

Other people still in church were looking at us but I did not mind. He was harmless and jolly and I guess in his mind he was not doing anything wrong but was actually exercising part of his spiritual belief. When we reached the front door of the church, I told him “Kuya, gusto mo kain na lang tayo MacDonald's?” (Brother, would you rather we just eat in McDonald's?)He said "No, give me the money. I need it since I am going to buy a (spiritual) book" I reached in my wallet and got P50.00 (I did not have P20.00) He smiled and left and I on the other hand crossed the street with my heart beating fast. There was nothing to be scared about… in our own mind we did what we have to do and we went on our separate ways. I am happy though that He ate the Sacred Host!


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