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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silay Airport

I am going back to Manila after spending time with my aunt who had an operation in her head. She’s far from full recovery but this is the longest I’ve stayed in our province and I could only pray that she recovers fast. I know that if she really desires and persevere she could easily get better.

Unlike my trip from Manila to Bacolod which was the earliest flight (4:55 am) my trip back was already in the early evening (7:05 pm) since it is a long way coming to Silay from our place (3 to 4 hours). The view on the early morning as we descended on the airport was lovely since one would get to see the area that is lined mostly by wide sugarcane plantations and nice subdivisions but you don’t really have a chance to see the view from the airport since you hurry to get your bag and check out of the airport to be on the way to our place.

Now, as I checked in at around 5:00 pm and it was still bright outside. The waiting area is on the second floor of the airport. You won’t get lost since it is a very small airport but nice and functional. There were seats facing the glass windows and in the middle was a flat screen. There was a film being shown but I had a book with me and decided to stay a bit on the side to read. However, when I looked at the window I dropped my book and decided to just marvel at the sight.

Beyond the airstrip are flat greens, though I couldn’t see a road I know that there is a road beyond since I could see some trucks driving through occasionally. Further to the right at rows and rows of coconut trees and on the left side a some coconut trees and a thicker green foliage… beyond is a mountain range. I wondered if it could be part of Kanlaon but I doubt it since Silay is more on the North of Negros. Above the mountain range are thick clouds. It was beautiful and seemed peaceful so that I couldn’t help myself from being captivated.

Slowly the cloud and the mountain seem to become one as the hues of light above still shone with some scatter of clouds lining the otherwise clear skies. Then I noted a thick white bright formation of cloud in the middle of blended mountain and cloud range. I was focused on it and noted that it was formed like a standing roaring bear, its face tilted upward, a hole where the roaring mouth is and its hands slightly upward also with the right higher than the left. I was amazed at the clear figure and pointed it to the lady beside me asking her if she could see it. I really did not know if she recognized it but she smiled nevertheless when I was talking with her. We didn’t really talk long but when I looked once more, it was gone. That cloud formation had just become a mass and was slowly descending and blending with the others.

It was starting to get darker outside. Somehow I was hoping that something comes up so that the airport would close it lights and I could still see clearly the view outside the window and appreciate the sight further because slowly instead of the sight I could now see the reflections of the people inside the waiting lounge. Ah lots of people, the 3 flights are going to be full… and there I am looking at myself now… no more view to behold! So, I pick up my book once more and wait since it will still be a while for my flight...


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