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Sunday, January 18, 2009

School Projects

My nephew has so many school project in school that often times I have to help him… help means that my input would be more than his!!! Arghhh! It should not be so but if I leave him to do it he won’t be able to accomplish anything!

Why is it that schools here give students so many projects to do at home? And oftentimes these are beyond the capacity of children to do???

At these hard times, why is it that they are asked to do projects that would cost a lot??? And why would they not give enough time frame for the kids to work on them???

Why is it that when they grade the work, they grade it based on the outcome without regards if it was done by the student or the elders at home???

Ahh so many questions! I been recalling my school days and I remember on working on projects in school that are practical, things that could be used later on. The assignments were simple, some things you can work on limited resources except of course for bond papers and folders. I also remember that I had to do my own project! My parents did not take active participation in our studies… we had to do it on our own!

Oh yes, I could still remember asking papa to help me out in an assignment when I was in grade one (I could never forget it!) the teacher told us to draw our house in our pad paper. I went home looked at our house (it was duplex) and been trying to figure out how to draw it. I could not get it right so I asked papa to draw it for me and he did a really good drawing of our house. It really looked like our house and I was proud of my assignment. When I went to school the next day I asked my classmate his drawing and I laughed and asked him if that was his house when I saw that what was drawn was a NIPA HUT! I lived in the city and nipa huts are not really that common then. With pride I showed him my house and he said “eh hindi mo naman drawing yan eh!” (ah that is not your drawing!) and he certainly hit the point. It really did not matter that the drawing really looked like our house, what was important is that I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO DRAW IT!

Projects are meant to be done by the kids themselves so teachers should require projects that are within their levels/capacity. Teachers should also be creative in designing the required projects making sure that those to be used can easily be found and at no or very minimal costs for the students. And they should focus on the objectives… what do they want children to learn while doing the project? and geez there was really one deep sigh while I wrote that!

So, I have once more helped my nephew on a project. So many projects we have been working on the past days! (and one time I even had to stay up till 3:00 am working on it!) I was breathing fire under my breath supervising him do this latest assignment. Time is running and nothing much is accomplished. Finally I told him that he had to do something for me for me to work on it. He agreed! He had to read three articles in one of his language book, he is still not good in reading so that it should give him some exercise!

Oh I wish I have a magic wand that could accomplish everything that I want… Oh no, not for me to create a completed project but I’d point it to the teacher so she’d know how to design… then I’d point it to John so he know what to do and really learn while doing… then I’d point it to myself so I feel happy in this whole school project thing! ;-)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rainy New Year!

It has been drizzling since the afternoon of December 31 till New Year’s eve. Mama kept saying that the RAIN signifies a shower of BLESSING from above.

I believe so…

I always felt blessed in the past and I know that I will continue to be blessed always.

Even if we don’t have much material wealth we always have enough!

And even if there is noise and chaos at my home most times, oftentimes they are tinged with laughter especially from the kids… and deep down even in crisis there is always that sense of family.

CRISIS are opportunities for growth… they make us reflect on what we have done so far and plan to do something to improve on our lot… they also make us even aware that there is someone up above that KNOWS more than we know and if we TRUST Him and do our best then we will realize that everything that comes our way is a blessing. We just have to accept it and make the best of it to fully savor it!

May we always enjoy the shower of blessings that come our way!

Looking forward to a happy and blessed year ahead!