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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

25 years after EDSA People Power

25 years ago today, I got a call from my friend that Jaime Cardinal Sin asked people to go to EDSA to support Enrile and Ramos who broke away from the government of Pres. Marcos. The Cardinal's call was on the night of February 22 but I was dead to the world sleeping and not listening on the radio. When I received the call in the early morning of the 23rd of February 1986, I was prepared for battle! I took part in the Operation Quick Count of Namfrel earlier and was still frustrated on the outcome of the snap election that my sense of nationalism was at its peak and I was actually willing to risk my life. I was going to bring something for a fight but my friend said "No... just be there to support." So my sister, cousin and I went to my friend's place, scared but brave then headed to EDSA.

So many people were coming and I was surprised that the atmosphere was festive. People were glued on their portable radio. Though many converged on the gates of the camps there were a lot of people walking... taking pictures... There were groups that were singing... praying... giving food. It was unbelievable, exciting! I was there cheering with the crowds when Ramos came out jumped! I was tensed with the others when the helicopters came.. then shouted with joy when we realized that they too defected.

The nights were also full of activities and you'll see a lot of people going near the gate giving foods to the soldiers.

But we were not just in EDSA. We also joined others that took to the side streets to guard entry points going to the camp. We were there arms to arms "kapit-bisig" prepared to ward off "enemies" if they ever came. No enemies came so we just joined in the prayers and singing through the night.

For three days we went to EDSA. We would walk since no vehicle could pass due to the volume of people. We were not tired... we were hopeful! We would just go home to rest a bit and change then go back again.

February 25... there were 2 oathtakings. Both Cory Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos took their oath as President in two different venues. We still don't know what would happen, there were different news on the radio (oh the radio... so powerful at that time!) but we were ready for more! And then the news that Marcos was gone came. EDSA rejoiced and the people that went to Malacanang rejoiced too!

I was so proud to be a Filipino. So proud and happy to be part of the historic and bloodless revolution!

Then one year after we celebrated the first anniversary... there was singing and dancing in the streets. It was the first time I have ever seen huge fireworks! The Philippines was proud still. Democracy was restored. The press had freedom to report whatever they wanted.

Then there was a coup... and another coup...
Change of leadership after another...
Good times... bad times...good times... more difficult times...
Another EDSA Power came in 2001 to topple President Estrada... then the Oakwood mutiny. I was not joining anymore. I realized long ago that it was not just one event that would lead to change in our country. Yup, there would be change... but it would just be change in the players...there would be good players.. there would be bad. Some people will benefit... some would not. Most would still continue on their day to day existence. It would still be a matter of survival of the fittest or smartest (rather street smart). Change doesn't really come from the change in government but change in the people.

I see many people that do not change. But I have come to know also a lot of people that are reaching out in their own right to help, through their own capacity.... through NGOs...spiritual communities. When there are more Filipinos who would go beyond the service of their families and friends and help out OTHERS, who would be ready NOT to take the easy way out in transacting with the government, who would always think of the welfare and pride of the country, then that is the real Filipino Power. Maybe in another 25 years? I hope it is sooner!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Konsensya ng mga magulang

My eyes were caught by the headline in this free tabloid given on the LRT stations...

"Be the conscience of your parents. Do not in any way push them that they will be tempted to dip their hands in the government coffers" says Heidi Mendoza in her talk in St. Scholastica's "Truth Forum."

I was thinking how true. Not just on government coffers but everywhere! And it is not just the children pushing the parents but other family members pushing their breadwinners... sometimes it could be the parents pushing their children supporting them to do things that should not be done and the other is helpless to their demands... refusing to say NO even if they could not really support the needs or WANTS of their family.

I've seen this happen in my office and in my community. I have seen several employees who could no longer concentrate on their work because they have debts all over and their pay could not even pay these off... I have also encountered sales people who committed fraud in our company who have to be terminated even filed cases upon. Most of these people are not really bad but were tempted to dip their hands on their collection thinking that they were just borrowing because their family needed money and they could not refuse them... and they are not caught and they do it again until it has become a habit. And these are usually the sole breadwinners in their homes and when they are caught they lose everything. It is not just them who suffers but the whole family!

My father also used to talk about the plights of many married Filipina OFW when he was still working in the Middle East, how their family demands big money and they borrow from their employers and they are left with nothing to support their own needs they end up hooking up with men who could support them... and their family crumbles.

We really have to watch out for each other... be the conscience. And it is always good to listen to it than lose everything in the end.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Red day!

Valentines day again!
I slept in my mom and nephew's room last night since my nephew was sick and in the morning I greeted my mom a happy valentines as I kissed her head... then I kissed my nephew on his head too and greeted him. He doesn't like that but guess he was too sick to protest! :)

Being valentine, I decided to go to work in my huge red shirt, red sneakers and denims (not red... that would have been way too much RED for the day but I was still stunning! hahaha, what can I say I am biased! ;)

The girls smiled when they saw me come to the department. No one else was in red except my boss! She and I are both in bloody red and I thought it was nice! Then she called me and gave me congees... the big bosses have a meeting and they have congees for breakfast -- Oh I like this congee and I was thinking that it was a pretty nice gift for today...

One of the lady bosses gave silk red rose to some of us in the afternoon and i thought that was neat too but not really as neat as when I got home and realized that my brother cooked spaghetti!

Oh my heart really felt glad when i saw what was on the dinner table. I was thinking about it on my way home... really hoping that we'll have spaghetti! That really made my day!
So even with no valentine date... the valentine plate made the day!
It is indeed a happy day!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Angelo Reyes' suicide

I was on the elevator going up to the office when I heard the news that Angelo Reyes was shot in Loyola Memorial Park. Shot in the cemetery? Why? I thought it was suicide and later on my thought was confirmed. He committed suicide!

He has been in the news a lot lately. My boss’s radio is quite loud and I can hear parts of the senate hearings on the corruption in the Armed Forces. It really is a mess, a scandal to be hearing about huge sums being given to higher ups in the Military! He was one of those mentioned of being given millions and he was denying this. He was going to fight by filing charges on the people that wants to put him down.

Then yesterday in the hearing, they also included his wife in the scandal…

And now he committed suicide.

I wonder just what went in his head. What was he thinking? How did he feel?

Then I remembered Teodoro Borlongan, a banker that committed suicide also a couple of years ago who even wrote a prayer-poem prior to his suicide giving a glimpse on what went on in his head. He wasn’t really thinking about himself but his family and others and suicide seemed his best option. I didn’t agree with his option but then again I wasn’t in his shoes, right?

And now I think of the retired General…Don’t think he was really thinking of himself… on an easy way out! Maybe he was willing to take hell or be in hell for the sake of his family? Thinking that it was the best option for his family and others?

I really don’t know. All I know is that I felt sad when I heard the news. Don’t ask me why… I just did!