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Sunday, September 19, 2010

When God made me...

I am here in my room.
It is quite hot and I’m perspiring but I am enjoying the peace.
Downstairs in my brother’s airconditioned room are my nieces and nephews playing wii and lego games. They have the place to themselves since my brother and his wife went to visit my niece whose husband is in the hospital.
My sister and her husband are in their place having siesta.
And my mother is finally taking some vacation from us kids (her children and grandchildren) as she stays in the province to have a reunion with my father’s kin.
My other nephew under my care who has been sick for the past few days is finally out of fever and is playing with his cousins.
The past days... weeks have been full of activities, exhausting, chaotic…
But here I am now, alone and listening to Neil Young’s Prairie Wind album…at peace!
I am enjoying the music and at the same time thinking how I used to lock myself up in my room in my younger days and listen to Neil Young’s tapes…
When God made me… He must have left a space for Neil Young’s music since it has been ages and I still enjoy his music (",)