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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mute Caller

I take a jeepney ride going to the office after I get down from the Light Rail Train station. There would be a lot of jeepneys waiting for passengers and often times there would be callers or barkers (some even call them call boys!) to get you to ride a particular jeepney.

I try to choose the jeepney I get to ride since many of them would not complete the ride and passengers are left to walk the remaining distance... I still have not mastered mind reading (of the drivers mind) because a lot of times the drivers cut their trip and I get to walk far but I'm used to it, no more complaining and I just walk...

Anyway that is not my story, one of the jeepney callers is mute (I think deaf-mute since he doesn't undertand anything the driver says and just communicates through hand movements) and you hear him squeek as he calls on passengers.

Well, I always take the jeepney that he calls for. Why? Because he is disabled? Well a little of it probably... but more because he is always SMILING!

Some drivers sometimes make fun of him but the smile never seem to leave his lips.

And today I saw him once again but the jeepney seemed already full but he motioned there is one more... Ahh okay it was going to tight sitting but I can't refuse.

I got in and you can sense that the caller was really happy when he approached the driver because he would get more since he was able to fill the jeepney. The driver was in good mood also and gave him a good amount and since I was near him commented that the caller was happy. And he answered that he believes that he is the only mute-caller there that is not a thief then added that some people are able but they are thief.

So it brought a bigger smile on my face, I was not wrong. He was a good person that is why I like following his call.