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Monday, February 14, 2011

Red day!

Valentines day again!
I slept in my mom and nephew's room last night since my nephew was sick and in the morning I greeted my mom a happy valentines as I kissed her head... then I kissed my nephew on his head too and greeted him. He doesn't like that but guess he was too sick to protest! :)

Being valentine, I decided to go to work in my huge red shirt, red sneakers and denims (not red... that would have been way too much RED for the day but I was still stunning! hahaha, what can I say I am biased! ;)

The girls smiled when they saw me come to the department. No one else was in red except my boss! She and I are both in bloody red and I thought it was nice! Then she called me and gave me congees... the big bosses have a meeting and they have congees for breakfast -- Oh I like this congee and I was thinking that it was a pretty nice gift for today...

One of the lady bosses gave silk red rose to some of us in the afternoon and i thought that was neat too but not really as neat as when I got home and realized that my brother cooked spaghetti!

Oh my heart really felt glad when i saw what was on the dinner table. I was thinking about it on my way home... really hoping that we'll have spaghetti! That really made my day!
So even with no valentine date... the valentine plate made the day!
It is indeed a happy day!


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