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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rainy New Year!

It has been drizzling since the afternoon of December 31 till New Year’s eve. Mama kept saying that the RAIN signifies a shower of BLESSING from above.

I believe so…

I always felt blessed in the past and I know that I will continue to be blessed always.

Even if we don’t have much material wealth we always have enough!

And even if there is noise and chaos at my home most times, oftentimes they are tinged with laughter especially from the kids… and deep down even in crisis there is always that sense of family.

CRISIS are opportunities for growth… they make us reflect on what we have done so far and plan to do something to improve on our lot… they also make us even aware that there is someone up above that KNOWS more than we know and if we TRUST Him and do our best then we will realize that everything that comes our way is a blessing. We just have to accept it and make the best of it to fully savor it!

May we always enjoy the shower of blessings that come our way!

Looking forward to a happy and blessed year ahead!


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