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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Angel's eyes

I am posting my friend's song...

I was listening to my recording and this one and my nephew was with me. When I asked him about my voice, he said "pangit!" (ugly!)... then i played Erik's song and he said "nice!"... hmmm I knew I should have consented to what he was asking for when I asked him about my voice. ;)

Anyway, the song was sent to me earlier yet after I showed him a karaoke site in the net. It is his birthday so I thought i'd share his song. It is pretty neat!

Angel's eyes!

I could imagine him singing this song on stage with a band while his wife Jan and I are listening in the audience. He then takes her upstage and look in her angel's eyes and hold her hand and sing to her. ANd we in the audience are just mesmerized by it all...

Kakilig! :))


Anonymous Eric said...

You truly are a sweetheart of a friend Beth! Thanks for be here and there always!!

12:51 PM  

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