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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unshoppaholic’s walk through a Night Market

Julie and Raul came to the office this afternoon. Julie my walking buddy is back! It would be nice to walk farther again and we did and Raul came with us too. We passed our normal walking route around Soler. It is a narrow road but there are still some vehicles that are able to pass there though only very slowly. Vendors have taken over a big portion of the street. But that road is better because they have closed the whole stretch of Recto from Soler/Dagupan area to Abad Santos for more than a week already.

Every night they close the street to traffic and vendors take over the area and they place their goods everywhere they wish to that you can’t even walk a straight line. So many vendors but if you look closely there are not that many buyers… most are just walking… going to their rides… sometimes you could even hear some vendors pleading with you to buy so they have some sales. As I’ve said in my earlier post, I get overwhelmed when I see so many goods for sale and I found a way to not look at all the things being sold, focus on my steps (and yes my bag!) and let go of the chaos…

I could not walk fast so I walk slowly and with each step, I utter a prayer. I can feel the rhythm in my prayer. And even if I could not walk a straight line going to my ride, I am able to breeze through the night market. It is a big relief and for a few days I am getting a bonus. We are going to have our training and meeting in another place and I won’t have to pass through the market –street for a few days! Yehey!


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