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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Short cut...

Today we had our Handmaid's chapter assembly in another community’s chapel. Though I have heard about that community, I have never been there. I thought that they were also a distressed community like ours and in a way they were but I was amazed at the order there… the streets leading to homes were better… I mean most were passable by vehicles unlike in our place were there are lots of “iskinitas” or really dark and narrow alleys. I had to take a ride going to the place but the people there told me that there was actually a short cut leading to my home. I was curious so I went with two other of my fellow handmaids' to pass by the route after our assembly which was already past noon time. Good thing it was cloudy most of the time since I easily turn red plus of course I always have an umbrella with me. I found out that the short cut was actually a long cut to my place since I could easily have reached home walking along the main highway… but then again who would want to walk along a highway with so many vehicles… with no building to cover you and under the heat of the sun… plus of course the great difficulty of crossing that highway. I would surely have taken a ride going back home if it took that direction!

Anyway, even though the short cut actually turned out to be a long cut, I really enjoyed that walk… my two companions were busy talking while walking and I was only partly listening to them since I was amazed at the places we were passing through… just adjacent to that community was a neat and peaceful subdivision with big trees… most houses had nice flowering plants in front… and I could hear my companions discussing them. They are green thumbed people who also have gardens in their homes. Gosh, the place was peaceful that I actually envied the people there and I was trying to figure out how much it would cost to buy a lot there since I’ve seen some vacant lots… after that subdivision we again passed by another subdivision which was similar… they mentioned the name of the place and now it was familiar. I used to walk a lot when I was really younger and go places and I knew that I have somehow reached that place before but then again the place were no longer familiar… we just kept on walking until we reached a main road I used to walk to before and I was amazed once more with the development there. There was now a really posh subdivision there… you can see though that it is fairly new since the trees are not that old and those that were big were probably transplanted by the landscape architects….

Funny but the thing that really strike me during that walk was a creek… a small creek… and it was not the creek that actually caught my attention but the fishes in that creek. I think my companions were jolted when I suddenly stopped and shouted “Ay those are the fishes I used to catch with my hands when I was small!” I was really happy and a flash of my childhood came to mind. Aside from playing games and climbing trees, we also used to wade in creeks and catch fishes and tadpoles. I suddenly remembered how we would see those fishes in the creek at the back of our home and in the small open canal on the roads in front and we would scoop some fishes and place them in bottles. Those open canals on the roads are where we would also race paper boats we made. The canals I see nowadays in my neighborhood are definitely far from those canals…. Ewwwwwwww!!! You wouldn’t even dream of poking even a finger on the canals now!

So, I was still reminiscing when one of my companions said that those are black mollies and they are also aquarium fishes. I could not imagine them as aquarium fishes even though we used to place them in bottles when I was small since these fishes are black and funny as they move swiftly together in flowing water…they seem to be swimming against the flow and constantly moving but never really going far. She also added that those like running waters and it immediately struck me that the canal was actually cut since there was no canal further down the road. The water was flowing but the canal seemed a dead end… it was only going in the direction from where we came and I wondered if there was a spring there since the water was somehow clear or maybe a water pipe has broken… I decided that there was a spring since a broken water pipe would not result in a canal unless it has been busted for ages… I thought it was neat! Ahh.. things are amazing!

We moved on and now I see banks and restaurants along the road… We haven’t been to any of those restaurants yet so I was thinking maybe one time we’ll be checking them out… finally their stops came and I had to move on since I was father from their place… I am now back to my chaotic environment… wondered when there would be order here… It is still possible of course, the community I came from is an example… I suddenly wished it was sooner… in the meantime, I still have my space in my room where I could have some quiet even amidst a chaotic environment...


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