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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ped Xing...R.I.P.

Seen the Ped Xing signs around the metropolis?
Well we have a pedestrian lane in our very wide street but don't have such sign. And if they would ever put a sign there it will not be for motorist but for the pedestrian themselves since crossing that street is really hazardous to one's health... or should I say hazardous to one's life!!!

This morning, I had already crossed one part of our highway and was on the island when I heard a very loud screech! A motorcycle almost hit a lady who was crossing! That is not the first time such incident happened there. I remember a few years ago when I was also on the island and I heard a loud blog. I turned around and saw a man lying on the road. The vehicle that hit him continued on the road! I was waiting for someone to come near him and when there was no one approaching, I came nearer to see if he was conscious or not. He was NOT CONSCIOUS and there was blood oozing from his head… There is no 911 in our country to call in case of such emergencies so people are left with their own resources.

There is a small hospital on the other side of the road and I thought of carrying him there. But he was heavy and I could not lift him! Another lady came to help me but even both of us could not lift him. Then two men stopped an approaching car and then they carried the man inside. I don’t know where they brought him after that... incidentally the vehicle that hit the man went back but the man was no longer there, some people encircled him though while they waited for a police officer...

Anyway, I crossed the other half of the street together with other people (I try to walk with other people when crossing that road staying at the farthest corner to make sure that if a vehicle loses control I am not the first one to be hit!!! otherwise yikes.. bye-bye world!!!). I took my ride going to the office and when I reached the office, I immediately called the hospitals near our place… luckily I was able to trace the man on the next hospital I called…and luckily he survived! I felt relieved!

But there has already been a lot of instances when people died in that road and it usually happens at night. The problem in that particular area is that there is no stop light and there is a flyover so that the speed of vehicles are fast and the volume there is quite high..

Sometimes I fall asleep in my FX ride at night and miss my stop and if that happens I get off where there is an overpass so I could safely cross then take a ride back where there is another overpass and take a final ride to my stop… it is costly but it is safe… Don’t wanna be included in the statistics of casualties there!

If there is something I can wish for.. it is this:

I hope our Ped Lane dies! May his lines be erased from the face of our road! Then may he be resurrected or should I say reincarnated and become the best pedestrian overpass in the metro manila!

When that happens, I would say that the Peds Xing will finally cross the street in peace! YEah... and our fear of crossing will finally Rest In Peace!


Blogger bing said...

hi elizabeth, that Ped Xing sign was confusing talaga. abu-abot ang criticism na tinanggap nyan mula sa hubby ko. all of a sudden akala namin e naligaw kami sa China Town. it sounds chinese e. it took us a while bago na decipher ang meaning!

11:22 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

haha.. oo nga noong una ko rin makita yan sa manila sabi ko sa sarili ko.. anu ba naman ito pati ba naman signs ng mga instik kinuha di man lang pinalitan ng tama!

11:26 PM  

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