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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Honeymoon with my Beloved

Today is the beginning of the Holy Week... The Lenten season started on Ash Wednesday but the days went on that I felt that I have not really put my attention to the season. I have been so busy with so many things that i just feel so tired and distracted. Had to go on a provincial assignment that I wasn't able to celebrate my daily mass and I was even been on a short stay in the hospital for pain.

So many distractions! Work... family... service! It is understandable for work to be a distraction, family needs could sometimes be draining too but service? Service for Him??? Loving Him by loving and serving others? The one thing He asks me to love Him more? It shouldn't be but there are days that I really just feel tired and my focus is not really on Him but on the activities and other people.

I don't want that... I want intimacy with Him, my Beloved! And I know that I have to work on that. He's always there waiting for me... consistently loving me... just waiting for me to come to His embrace and feel His intimacy with me.

Oh my Beloved,
I'd like to make You feel my love
And I'd like to feel Your love.
The days ahead are special
I'd like to be intimate
Come let us spend more time together
This time alone...
just You and I in silence
Let us escape the crowd for a while
Let us go on our Honeymoon!
'Luv You, my Beloved!
Always will!


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