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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can I ever love You more?

Here is a poem... no, it is actually more of a prayer I wrote one time when we were having a planning session in our group and our leader asked us to express in any form what we want to tell our Lord...

Can I ever love you more?

I feel your presence everyday Lord
And I feel joy in my heart.
Even in great difficulties
I can hear your sweet whispers
In great events in my life
I was so happy to share them with You
I love You!
My heart overflows as I say the words.
Yes Lord, I love You!

Then one day I call to You
I could not hear You
I prayed harder
But I could not feel You
Where are You?
I’m lost, I need You!
No answer

One day stretch to a week
A month
Lord come back, I miss You
I want to stop praying
I could not
Deep in my heart I know
You’re there
In silence I surrendered
And slowly I felt You back.

You never really left me
And I know that You didn’t really TRY me
For You were always with me
And will always be with me.

You hid Yourself just for a while
To call me…
To call me to share the love
You have for me to others
You taught me that I could never
Love you more
Until I loved others too!


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