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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sharing my double rainbow!

I think I am blessed that I have seen double rainbows several times already when most people I’d share it with couldn’t even imagine that there is such thing as a double rainbow. I have seen double rainbows on three occasions already – one while on sea going to Mindoro, one in Texas and another here in Manila on a morning on my way to work.

Today, I got to see another rainbow (my fourth!!!) after I came from church and I was with my nephew so I got to show it to him and I told him he was lucky because it is rare for people especially here in our country to be seeing double rainbows. Well somebody from Canada told me before that it is not really that rare… not frequent but not rare either. Well maybe it is so in Canada but over here??? Nobody has ever told me that he has seen one or someone I told it too ever said that he has seen one. But now, I know of someone else who could talk about a double rainbow… well I am not really sure if he’d talk about it… He is 10 years old and is more interested in computers than nature and would rather harvest from Farmville (of facebook… am not sure if I got it right since I have no facebook account) than plant something and harvest from our garden.

However, when I showed it to him he looked and we got to talk about it while we were on our way home. We actually came across it after church when we walked towards the mall where we were going to take a ride. It has been hot but there were some clouds today and there were some drizzle when we got out of church… too few drizzles actually. Anyway I saw this guy taking a photo of something from above so I looked up also and I saw a rainbow. It wasn’t even full yet and it was not that clear and bright but somehow I could see traces of another rainbow from the clouds just beside it.

My nephew wanted to buy something so I let him and when we got back to our ride, I saw the rainbow and it was really bright now… and it extended... the arch was longer and there was another one beside it but its arch was shorter and not as bright as the first one but certainly distinct. I pointed it to him and he actually saw it. He asked some stuff about rainbow like the pot of gold in the end.. and how it came about. Well I did answer but am not really sure if they were right… but I guess what’s more important is that we got to see it. It was truly amazing and as always, I am awed and feel blessed to be seeing such phenomenon!


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