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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Back to school again

I am back to my online schooling after stopping for a semester. It feels a bit different going back after laying low for a while not doing any reading related to the course. There’s a also a little nervous feeling of being able to cope up after looking over the vast reading materials to be read and the works to be done especially since I’ve been coming home late and it is even later I am able to come up to my room to do the reading and studies and the strange magnetism of the bed as it seems to tell me “come to me… come to me and sleeeeeeep!!!”

However, the excitement of learning is still there plus the interaction with fellow students and I am back to having my professor from a previous class. Oh boy she gives a lot of work… actually added lots of white hair to my head… but she is good not just academically but all in all. I appreciate her and it will be nice to learn with her again.

As in the past there are only two subjects for this semester. I remember when I first enrolled that I was telling the staff from the learning center… “What just 2 subjects? Can’t I take more?” Oh boy, did I eat my words. I guess two is already max for me… one would actually be ideal but on a shorter term. Starting this school year, they have switched from a semester to a trimester just for our program… we are sort of the guinea pig for the university. I believe it will work, so that even if you just take one subject per trimester you’ll be able to finish in a reasonable time.

I am actually loaded… at work… at home… with the activities in my prayer communities… plus I like to just surf the net and be awed at the varied stuff there is in there (definitely apart from school materials) sometimes I feel the press for time and would hope to be able to freeze it so I could do all the things I love and need to do without feeling any pressure but something got me today from the priest’s sermon… he was talking on giving and generosity. He said that if you give, be it money, talent or time… you’ll never run out of it. I know he was talking in a different context but somehow i felt a message for my schedules. SO I’m giving my time and effort to all the things I have to do and I know that I’ll be able to make up time for it…


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