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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School's out...

Our teacher gave her closing remarks in our forum which means the end of our class. My other class ended sooner… so that means school’s out… well at least temporarily since I have not enrolled for the second semester… I was really tempted to enroll especially since I don’t want to lose the momentum and I liked one of the subjects offered but finally decided to stall if off and not enroll for the second semester since there are so much I have to do in the office plus I have to work on a promise to my nephew.

The class I referred to at the start was one difficult class for me. I really felt exhausted and overloaded from all the readings we have been making and the assignments we had to work on. Sometimes I had to re-read some of the required readings since they did not seem to be getting to my mind… like I understood it but did not understand at all (arghhh does that make any sense???) many of the concepts and words were so alien to me and I would easily forget them. But I surely admired our professor. She was so diligent and ever “present”... she was not spoon feeding us but just guiding us in our topics and allowing the discussion to flow and encouraging us to use our contexts (our unique situations) for the required projects so we get to really understand the subject matter. I keep asking myself I would have the same energy if I was handling her class and somehow I could still see that she was giving us sooo much! Anyway the class is over. It was exhausting but very fulfilling and I’d like to honor her (of course she would never find this blog but I’d like to honor her still) with this poster I made…

We sure had a lot of interactions and conversations in that class, some are even personal. I’m trying to work and apply some of the things I’ve learned for our training this December. It will really be great if I have a chance to work on my project. I think more than this poster that would be a greater tribute to my teacher. :)


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I've applied some of the things I learned in the course for our annual training. And the auditors, especially the seniors said that it was the best training we had so far... even those who came in one day late noticed the difference immediately. I did learn something!

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