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Monday, September 22, 2008

Most promising Promise!

The report cards of my nieces and nephews were given and 3 of them got good marks. One of them did not do well… I actually anticipated it.

Over dinner I told him that he gets an award from me anyway…

“The most promising!”

Sounds really positive :)
I figured that since he did very poorly compared to the rest that there is so much for him to improve on…

Now I hope my school is over so I could stop cramming and concentrate on him. Finally decided not to enroll next semester and concentrate on him. It is going to be hard since teaching him really makes me very stressed out. But he sure needs the help and the attention.

A few more weeks and I’ll work on my promise

Hope that next grading period he’ll get another award
Not from me but from the teacher…

"Most improved!"

Ahhh I sure hope so!

= = = =
The phrase easily snapped to my thought as I remembered papa.
He wanted so much to improve public speaking that he enrolled in a Dale Carnegie course. He did not have money but he wanted it so he came to his boss and asked if he could sponsor it. His boss said he’ll pay if he gets an award.

The first session they were asked to talk and as he anticipated he did very poorly but the people there were really positive people. They gave him an award… I think it wass the same award I have given my nephew “Most promising!” He knew why it was given but his boss didn’t so he gave his boss his certificate (I think they give award every meeting) and he got the money!

= = = =
Another thought came to mind. I had a nephew also who was super hyper active to the max! (now just stressing the point) It scares people since he could really deplete you. One time the TV even fell because of his active naughtiness (good thing it wasn’t broken). When he was going to start school my father said that he was going to get an award for that behavior…. Hehehe…

And true enough he did.
I think it was “Best in motor skills!”
Teacher knew motivation!

Now, I sure need that for my mission!


Anonymous bingskee said...

hello. beth! i admire your dedication to your nephews and nieces. and also the effort you have in giving motivation to the one who is not doing good. i cannot imagine myself to be at peace.

10:55 PM  

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