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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Singing in His presence

When I woke up this morning, I could hear different sounds of birds. There usually are house birds outside my window and I would hear them but this morning there were no such birds in my window and instead I could hear different birds from a distance. It actually felt nice just staying in my bed and just listening to them… after some time being still and just listening to the birds, I said a hurried prayer and decided to get my guitar and my gospel song book and just strum and sang while still seated in my bed. It was still early so I just played softly so as not to wake the others. I was just randomly flipping through the pages of the songbook and singing those songs I have heard recently in some of our assemblies. I eventually found myself concentrating on two songs – God alone and Strong and Faithful. The two songs stuck with me and kept echoing even while I was doing other activities during the day.

And as I was singing in my bed, my mind was thinking… wondering… asking…

The Lord is strong and He is faithful to me yet as I sing God alone I ask why is it that He is not enough for me? Why is it that there are days when my mind is focused on a lot of other things instead of Him? Why is it that there are days when I feel anxious and sad? Why is it that I crave for other things (ahh! even craving for a hamburger the other day!) instead of being content on whatever He gives me?

Maybe He is asking me that too and calling me. Maybe He is reminding me of what He is to me and what I am to Him. But I really did not answer my questions. I just continued with my singing and enjoyed the company of God in those songs. And the birds were singing with me too. It was a special time and maybe it was not really time for asking but a time to just be and enjoy the presence…


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