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Friday, March 27, 2009


I was walking towards my ride when I noticed two men with sacks tapping the window of a Pizza hut parlor asking for food from some of the customers. I couldn’t see the reaction of the customer but I could see that the men weren’t moving out from the glass window. I passed them and just one store beside the parlor was Jollibee. They definitely serve faster there so I got in and ordered two regular hamburgers for take out. It wasn’t long before I have two hamburgers in my hand but when I got out of Jollibee to go to the men they were gone! I walked a bit farther to see if they were still around but they were nowhere in sight! Ahh, my estimation was wrong, they didn’t stay long on the window after all.

Now I have two hamburgers and I have not eaten hamburger in a long time since I discovered that meat gave me tummy ache!

So, whom to give the hamburgers? I saw another man who was seated facing the wall but he was busy sorting his scrap plastic bottles so I did not bother him and just walked towards my ride. I still have the hamburgers on my hand and was wondering if I’ll come across someone who would want a hamburger or will I have to bring them home with me. Ah, there’s bound to be lots of street people and… yup, in the middle of the street I saw a group of them. I came near and offered wondering if they will take it. The lady took it and said thanks then the others came to her…

And I continued walking to the direction of my ride but now I was thinking of hamburgers! I only bought small regular hamburgers. I have not eaten hamburger for a long time and now I want to eat a really big juicy HAMBURGER!

I’ve never really craved for hamburger (or meat for that matter) in a long time but suddenly I want to eat hamburger. It has to be big and juicy and real yummy so that even if I get an aching tummy I’d still remember that it was yummy!

I could still imagine it while I was on the bus… thinking that maybe tomorrow I’ll try eating one…

At home… had my supper… fish and veggies and crab! Good food and filling… satisfied…

Then in my room the thought came back…indeed I have not had a hamburger in a very long time it will be nice to eat one sometime :-)


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