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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moonlight Serenade

I had to leave the office early for an official business and I was with our company driver. He was listening to old songs on the radio and it was making me sleepy… well it was understandable since it was 3:00 pm when we left the office! Anyway, I found myself humming or singing with some of the songs I know… then I heard the Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller and I suddenly could visualize well dressed people dancing in night clubs! I could see women in their dresses with their ultra small waistline and men in their coat and tie. And my vision was in black and white… hehehe…hmmm I guess I got those from watching old movies before.

I felt my eyes were closed while I was visualizing and I was actually smiling while listening feeling the beat in my soul. I think this is the ultimate dance music for couples. The music already stopped playing and there were other songs on the radio but my mind lingered on that music. Maybe if couples take some time and dance with it then there would be better harmony and intimacy between them. They don’t need to talk… no need to be in night clubs (do they still exist? I don’t think night clubs are the same with ballroom dancing) or fancy places or fancy clothes… just listening to the music could easily draw you to close your eyes and dissolve any negative feelings and lead your body to the rhythm.

I wasn’t able to visualize a male partner but instead remembered my Lola Bebe. I remember lifting her body from the wheelchair so she could stand and I could sway her with a music. I remember her smiling and tightening her arms around me while I carry her and sway her. I don’t recall ever hearing this music while I took care of my grandmother but I could imagine how happy she would feel if I swayed her to this music.

I went to look for a nice video from Youtube to ember here but I couldn’t embed the first Youtube video on glenn miller and the music that I had to look for another. I found one from the Glenn Miller band with people dancing but the video owner still would not allow me to embed. Guess they realize how precious the music and their video is that they would want you to come to their site.

I was watching the people dance on the second video. Most were smiling towards their partner. I think it would have been better if they just closed their eyes and felt the rhythm while dancing.
I think next time we have a family affair at home instead of singing in the karaoke I’d ask all my siblings and their spouses to dance to the music. I wonder if they’ll feel the same as I imagine??? I'll also ask mama to dance with me, I wonder what she would think of and how she'd feel?

I can't wait to find out! ;)


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