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Monday, July 25, 2005

Love your grandparents!

Do you know that yesterday was grandparents day?
I heard it from the priest during mass.

I never met my grandfathers. They were gone before I could have any recollection of events and people. I did not get to spend a lot of time with my paternal grandmother since she spent a big part of her life in the province and in the US but I treasure the times we were together… she was a story teller and I love stories! My maternal grandmother, on the other hand, stayed with us for the most part. We practically raised her… I mean raised her hairs and hands due to anger and exasperation since we were really naughty kids!

Lola Bebe took care of us but she nagged a lot and said mean words that it really gets to you! I was her mortal enemy when I was young but as I grew older, I learned to understand her. She was a wounded woman full of bitterness from her past. It was this bitterness that alienated herself from us. Though we know that she took care of us, her mean words overshadowed her works and we could only react to her words.

Among my siblings, she considered me the kindest but there were times that I could not take her mean words too and would get back at her and I know that it hurt her the most!!! I can see how she wanted love but felt that she was not getting any which was a sad thing.

When she was older, she developed parkinson’s and eventually dementia…she was like a living dead during the last years of her life. She could eat—chew but she can’t move nor talk and her eyes were closed almost all the time. It was really painful seeing her that way the first time that I asked God not to take her until she has completely felt our love for her. Lola Bebe deserves to feel our love!

I took care of her for almost two years. It was a difficult time but it was also one of the most creative time in my life! I could never imagine now how I had the strength to carry on during those years but God is truly amazing!

I was beside Lola Bebe when she died and that time, I prayed that she felt our appreciation and love and was ready to go!

Don’t wait till the end to show your affection to your grandparents. Do it now and enjoy each others love!


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never had the chance to meet my grandparents...

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