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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rhythm in my body

I still haven’t finished with the book I bought, I guess I’m still having an overload of concepts and theories from my course and school project that my brain still needs some time to rest from reading, however, scanning through the book earlier made me appreciate dancing and movements more.

Oh no, I’m not a dancer. Far from it! But I could certainly feel the rhythm on my feet and my body. Sometimes when I take an evening walk along Liwasang Bonifacio and I like the music being played there, I could feel it and would sometimes follow the beat with my stride. There are times I’m really tempted to just let myself go and dance BUT I see the people there and don’t want to cause scandal so I end up just following the beat with my steps as I imagine how I would actually dance in the plaza if I could muster enough courage to do so!

There is something in the movement and even the rhythm that soothes the body and even the mind, oh I guess even the spirit if you want to go beyond. When I feel so restless, I would take a walk and somehow I feel better. When I hear a loud beat that sends vibration to my body, I could feel it responding! I would want to just be present in that sound and let the vibrations envelop my body feeling its healing energy. And sometimes when I feel playful, I would just imagine a tune and sway and just move enjoying the moment. Sometimes my nieces and nephews would see me and join me. They would follow my lead and sometimes we would even be falling in line and do those alternating hand dance as we watch ourselves in our sliding glass door then eventually end up laughing and doing a different sequence until they get tired or I get tired.

I guess I’m not the only one in the family who enjoys a beat, for the kids certainly have fun too when they join me. I also remember my grandmother Lola Bebe whom I took care on the last years of her life. She was like in a semi-coma state and sleeping most of the time, she doesn’t talk and couldn’t stand but there were times I would carry her and try to let her stand (oh she was heavy as a log but I try my best) and I would dance with her. In tight embrace we would sway, and I could feel her holding tighter to me and see her smiling from the mirror. With her eyes closed, there would be a smile on her toothless lips. Ahh even in her state, she enjoyed the dance!

Even in many of our HOLD worships, one certainly feels joyful and feels the prayer more when we sing and dance and clap our hands as we pray. There’s a different element to prayer when you include your body! We have a pretty great dance ministry in our organization and they would usually lead the group to dancing before ending a conference. I would certainly join too and follow their steps but in the end I always find myself doing my own movements. I listen to the music and my body sways as it feels the music… for a few moments I forget the group and just feel myself with the music. I move till I sweat. Roth is right, one can certainly sweat her prayers!


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