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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Run the DistANCE then rest

We had a group work in my distance education class and it was difficult bringing the group together especially since we are running after a deadline. We should have started early, way early but we didn’t! I knew that 2 of the members in our group were not able to get together in another project thus not able to submit a work. I did not want that to happen. I felt certain panic when some of the members would not answer my email enjoining them to contribute not knowing what went on in their minds.

That’s one of the drawbacks in distance affairs, you never really know what goes on in the mind of another or what goes on in their life, but you have an objective to be met and you do whatever it takes to achieve it or you give up.

I have been observing my classmates through their posts and try to visualize them working with the assignments and projects. I try to understand their personality from their postings in our discussion board and have come to admire some of them. From my group, some are probably more brilliant than I am (hmmm… that means I’m brilliant too, right?) and I’m waiting for them to take action and when it wasn’t coming, I knew I had to do something. I gave my contact number, hoping they too will give theirs, I initiated the activity, proposed roles to be taken by each, prepared the templates for discussion, I tried to make it easy for them so that they will not be bothered by small details but just concentrate on the task at hand. I finally got hold of their mobile numbers and just took charge keeping updates on what has been accomplished and what else has to be done and when we were finally able to complete our task, it felt good!

In the end, persistence really pays off. It felt good that each one was able to do his share and that it really turned out to be a group effort. It would have been easier for the active members to just finish the work and not bother with others but that would have defeated the purpose of the activity. So when we made it, when I saw our work posted I felt happy and relieved but I felt exhausted too…

Gosh, I felt drained! I knew I had to treat myself so I went to the mall and had dinner by myself and bought a book in bargain book shop, a book that was totally different from all the theories and terminologies and concepts that has been flooding my mind. I had to give my mind some rest from it all. I found a book in a bargain book shop. It was a second hand book written by Gabrielle Roth on the spirituality of dance and movement. It was colorful and had a catchy title – Sweat your prayers! I sweat through my group work and I did not want to sweat my prayers. But it is not about having difficult prayer but literally sweating it out to pray. Now, that’s cool and so I checked it out. I glanced through the first pages and decided to take it home, I knew what’s in store and look forward to it but I knew it wasn’t time to sweat tonight. I need rest too so I’m finally calling it a night!

Tomorrow, I sweat!


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