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Thursday, May 04, 2006

My caregiver sis!

My sister sent me a chikka message telling me that she got her first paycheck as caregiver. You could sense her joy even by just reading the text message! Guess she was very happy because if you convert what she received to Peso it was a big amount!

My sister is currently in Australia and will be there till December. Her husband got a grant to study there for a year and could bring along his family. They decided that it would be a good experience for the whole family to go there since their sponsor would take care of their accommodation (nice home by the way) and assist them in finding school for the kids plus they could get working visa while there.

The kids easily adapted to the school there and my sister is getting used to NOT having someone to help her with housework so she thought it was time to get a job… she couldn’t find work in her field so she worked as caregiver in an elderly home. Nope, she did not enroll in a caregiver course while she was here but she did ask me for pointers/notes (for her interview) since I took care of my grandmother before. She’s actually very good with taking care of the sick be it a child or an older person. Mama preferred her over me when she was in the hospital early this year since I could be soooo clumsy now while she is so systematic and neat and could stay awake for long hours. I was good taking care of my Lola Bebe before but now I am older and don’t have the same energy as ten years ago…

She was telling us that she has already washed a lot of butts and there’s "high tech" washing and a "low tech" washing… high tech involves hydraulics and with low tech they will have to carry the patient so more effort on their part. They don’t have to worry with the diaper disposal nor the urinals though since everything is fully automated! She says that their service is also based on the patient’s payments… higher payment means high tech service… of course that only refers to devices used since quality service would still come from people! She also says that her knees are now black from constant kneeling…. She prefers kneeling than bending when changing the patients since she has scoliosis and she would not want to strain her back too much! Overall though she likes her work (except for the exhaustion and strain) since MOST (not all) of the patients are nice…

My sister is basically a caring person… intelligent and witty… wholesome and could be real funny when she wants too (she takes from me after all…hehehe… did I include egotistical??? Kidding!!!) plus when she works she really gives her full attention so I am sure that she’ll be able to give not just caring for those elderly people but also joy!

She is so far from us and can’t get physical support so I send her lots of prayers. May she always be well and happy! God bless you ‘Teingat ka lagi dyan! Sana din makakita ka ng work sa field mo para mas enjoy ka dyan! (teka di ka nga pala nagbabasa ng blog ko!) di bale na send na lang ako ng angel to watch over you!


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