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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A knee on a knee…

It has been more than a month since I tripped and hurt my head and knees and I still have traces of the injury. The lump on my head is now very small and could not be seen, only felt…. The left knee is okay just a bit still dark but the funny thing is I’ve got another “knee” on my right knee!

Well it is actually a lump (which feels a bit like a hardened mass) on my knee so that it looks like a mini-knee on the knee. I don’t know when or if it will be totally gone but hopefully soon since I’d like to be able to wear the new skirt I bought today. It was not really a planned purchase but something I bought on impulse (which is rare). I was just passing through 168 mall as shortcut to another street when I saw the skirt. I thought it was nice and the owner gave me a good price when I haggled since I was their first customer…so now I’ve got a neat black skirt which I am not sure yet when I’ll be able to use.

Anyway back to my knee…

I don’t like the knee on my knee… it looks weird and funny. However, I knew someone who was proud to have a big lump on her right knee…ohhh and it was a lot bigger than my lump but not dark though like mine is.

My maternal grandmother, Lola Feling, had a lump on her knee. It looks funny too since she was a thin woman with thin legs but she was really proud of it. She is a very prayerful woman and she got that lump from her constant kneeling in church. She would show us her knee and would smile as she says how she got it.

One time when she was hospitalized, the doctor noted the lump and told her to have it removed and be checked. She said “No way!!!” There was nothing wrong with her knee for she knew exactly where she got it… that lump reminds her of her prayers and of her loving God and I believe she saw it as something really beautiful!

Well, I know where I got my lump… it reminds me of being clumsy and I ain’t really proud out it, so I hope it will be gone soon!


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