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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fallen Celebrity

I was a celebrity in the office this week with so many people asking how I am. Most of them are actually sincere when they ask and I know that they are really concerned about me but others seem to be just curious about how bad my fall was the other week.

Some were trying to imagine the impact of the fall considering that I am 5'10". They were saying that it would have been really strong since my distance from the floor will be farther compared to a smaller person and I would agree but add that somehow my ANGEL buffered my fall.

It was really a bad fall. I was not able to hold on to anything when I tripped from a cable and my forehead and knees hit the floor(good thing i did not hit the edge of table which was just nearby) but aside from the pain and the multi-colored bruises and big lump on my forehead and knees, I am okay!!!

Hugh was asking me if I was going to sue considering that it happened in our office. I said, What??? Nobody sues in the Philippines for this kind of accident! Besides I could be clumsy too since this is not the first time I fell and hurt myself.

I've fallen from a high chair while trying to attach a sunshade in our store before... fallen from a tree in one of our office excursions... fallen while running after an FX to get a ride and while descending from a bus... fallen in love (ooops that doesn't count here)... and tripping just on the foot of the altar inside the church after receiving communion when I tried to avoid the feet of an old woman who knelt. It wasn't an ordinary trip since there were steps going down and I made a 360 degrees turn before finally falling on the aisle (I was able to get up quick though). Good thing it was a mass on an ordinary day so that there were not much people inside the church plus most of them were also kneeling with their heads down otherwise I would really have been a BIG fallen celebrity!!!

I could smile about my falls know since somehow I feel better but I definitely don't want to be a fallen celebrity again... I'd rather be a rising star... a mega star... a diamond star... a superstar... a star for all season... hehehe (okay... I know only Pinoys would know the meaning of these stars) but the point is I've got be more careful so I don't fall again!


Anonymous bing said...

i hope you are ok now, beth. accident prone ka. ingat ka palagi.

ako din, gusto ko maging mega star. hindi mega fat he he

take care and be well.

3:05 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

thanks Bing, di naman ako totally accident prone paminsan minsan lang yun lang madali lang talaga ako magkapasa.

Mas gusto kong maging star for all season... hehehe.. mas type ko si Vilma kay Sharon :-)

10:08 PM  

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