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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lost and found

Remember my post on the lost template?

Well Mrs T's blog is back! She has not really completely recovered her original template but all her posts including those from her temporary blog are there...plus lots of add-ons!

I liked the way she handled things when she lost her blog.
She was cool!
No... she did not really let go of her blog, she did something by calling blogger to see how she could recover it and she believed them when they said they would help her, but in the meantime she made a temporary blog to assure her friends and followers that everything would be okay... then she was starting to move on by posting some there too and when it was back... well she was happy... and her followers were happy too!

Made me think ---when you lose something.. you have to accept that it is lost.. if there is a possibility of having it back you do the things that has to be done but in the mean time you move on accepting the possibility that it can be lost forever... If it comes back again, you have to realize that it may not be the same as what it used to be.. there could be some things missing and there will be things that are added -- it is not really the same but the essentials are there... and you move on and put more life to it.. make it better... weaving the things you've done while it is gone and keeping them together...

It is a nice feeling when something you treasure that was lost is found!


Blogger ladycharlie said...

In blogging, as much as in real life, the challenge then is how to converge that was lost to the new one that created temporarily. Especially when so much effort was already put into the new one.

4:58 AM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

i guess that's how it will always be... to converge... to weave the new with the old... to create something beautiful of all the things that come your way.

10:31 PM  

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