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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Humming Easter!

Chirst has risen. Alleluia!

Easter has really started joyful.

Last night I attended the Easter vigil at UP chapel thinking that it will be very crowded in the easter vigil in my parish and true enough, the chapel was full but not crowded that I was able to appreciate the service. The chapel was beautiful and so was the service. The service of the light was not dramatic as the ones where a ball of fire would come from above to light a bonfire which would be the source of light for the easter candle but it was solemn and people slowly walked back on the dark chapel for the service. It was beautiful when the dark chapel slowly became bright as each candle began to be lighted from the light passed on from the easter candle and that's when i saw the ceiling with the drapes and the flowers.

I went home feeling glad and this morning when I woke up I joined mama who would be celebrating the eaucharist on TV. It is a differnt service from the easter vigil so i just stayed in the living room with her watching. That's when I heard the bird's chirp. I am blessed to be greeted by the sound of birds every morning... there are different sounds but I don't really see these birds. There are common sounds from house birds but there are others I don't really know...

So I heard the bird chirping and looked out the window and was greeted by a very small bird with yellowish breast and long beak, flapping its wings, chirping and touching its beak on the window of our car. Could that be a hummingbird? But we don't have flowers on our garage! and there are very few flowers in our very small back garden. I am not really sure! but it was certainly humming good news! Good is good! Life is good! and that made my heart smile!

It's a good day! Pretty soon the house will be busy with the preparation for our Easter lunch and easter egg hunt for the family. Jenny has already prepared the "plastic" eggs with label of prizes inside. I too prepared my own prize for I have invited the "sisters" from my community for an easter fellowship and there will be egg hunting for them also after our worship. 'Tis a good day to celebrate!


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Happy Easter my dear friend...

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