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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainbow greeting!

I was feeling low when I woke up this morning...
I have not been sleeping properly since I came to Cebu...
I miss my family back home especially my mom and worrying a bit about the nephew under my care who'll have his examination this week and I'm not around to help in his review. Such was my mood when I got inside the van going to my assignment when it drizzled a bit and suddenly I saw a rainbow... first just a glimpse in an opening in between row of houses and establishments we were passing through, then a longer view as we passed through open spaces. The rainbow was full, low and you can see both ends plus the colors were very bright that it made my heart smile! God knows how to cheer my heart. His rainbow greeting really cheered me and it carried me through the day.


Blogger CaNdi said...

Yes.. God is good indeed...

He knows what will make you happy and he promptly provides it for you. He knows you needed an uplifting and He promptly gave you one.

God is all knowing and He knows the desires of our hearts. If only we learn to truly listen to Him, will we know that He's always there for us :)


9:16 PM  

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