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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sun spotlight

My boss called me to her table around 5:20 pm when my eyes caught something spectacular from the opening in the window blinds. It was different so I opened the blinds and marveled at the sight and immediately called my boss to watch it too.

Our office is in the 26th floor overlooking the North Harbor and this afternoon the sun was still bright but there was a great cloud formation on the horizon. Its center was thick and dark with some small openings and a big open space in the middle but the outer and bigger layers were lighter.

The sun’s bright rays passed straight down through that hole and left a bright reflection on the sea. It was like a spotlight! It felt like you were going to burn if you are on that space! The reflection was compact and so distinct! There were other rays passing through some smaller opening but the rays were sideways so that no other reflections were seen. Arghh I have no camera (and even if I did I know I could never capture the sight the way I picture it in my brain) and thought it was a waste to let it go without capturing it meanwhile the other girls in the department were there taking pictures from their celfones when they heard me exclaim at the beauty. I ran to the other department and called Jun to get his camera and take shots. He is a photographer and a good one at that. He looked at the sight grabbed his camera and went to the roofdeck to get a better view for his shots. It took some time for him to get to the roofdeck and this time there were already two spotlights and the rays were a bit slanted though it was still amazing.

So do you think that my words were able to capture the sight, I mean the way I have described it? Sometimes words could not really describe beauty, you have to see it with your eyes and only then can you feel it radiating to your inner being you really. It is not just a feast for your eyes but your whole being! You are simply awed!

The sight lingered for a while creating different patterns and they were all beautiful and if I close my eyes I could still feel it!

PS... this is an updated entry as Jun gave me a copy of his photo. However you can see the photo (Cloudscape in Mla Bay) also in his blog and you could see more of his photos and of course the comments to his works.


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