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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rizal @ 150

Ayon kay Jose Rizal...

"Ang gabi ay nilalang upang mangarap at magsaya sa mga ala-alang pumupukaw ng damdamin"
(~~Noli Me Tangere)

Those words with face of our national hero greeted me when I entered the LRT coach this morning.

It was different from the Berso sa Metro and Tulaan sa Tren poster series I've been reading the past months on the LRT with the quote being shorter and the poster tile being shorter in length with different color (the background was green the letters and Rizal's photo were in black) so I moved closer so I could see more of it. It says at the bottom which partly covered "Rizal@150 1861 June 19 2011" and "National Historical Commission of the Philippines."

Later on I checked and it turned out that the project is "Rizal on the light Rail - Inspirational thoughts of Rizal/Quotations from Rizal" posted at the LRT/MRT Stations which started last December 20, 2010 and would run till June 2011 to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary.

I was reflecting while still on the ride that it has been a long time since his days yet the quotes still rings true till today. I certainly am looking forward to see some more quotes on the coming days!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

find time to visit www.facebook.com/rizal150to150. They are featuring the 150 short rizal quotes alongside with the 150 monuments of him around the world, capsuled in a 150-day countdown from january 21 to june 19, 2011.

11:20 PM  

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