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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blessed Christmas!

It is the time once again...

The season has been chaotic as always especially in my work place where it is the bargain capital of Manila. People and good everywhere! Different vehicles competing for space on the street -- jeepneys, cars, FX, tribike,tricyle... then pushcarts, all sorts, and the makeshift stands with rollers. Then new malls with all sorts of merchandise too!

Activities in the office and with friends too..

Without all this, will there still be Christmas???

The family celebrated Christmas together, the kids opened the gifts before we had our Noche Buena. No Christmas carols and the TV was on. People were busy preparing for Noche Buena that they could not make it for the Chritmas eve vigil. Good thing our help accompanied me and we were able to go but I still went with my sibling's family and mama to church on Christmas day. Visitors came and family had another get Christmas dinner together... Now most of the folks are still asleep tired from the past days activities...

So is Christmas over?

The material stuff... Yes!

But the essence of Christ's coming, hope not...


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