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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tap tap tap water

In the 1980s when I first travelled abroad, I was surprised to learn that we could not drink the water from our hotel’s faucet. I’ve always assumed that all tap water can be drank and when I read their notice and realized that it wasn’t so I felt lucky.

There were some local companies that started selling bottled water and I thought it was foolish and that they’ll lose money but in time more companies joined in plus purified water stations started mushrooming.

I never imagined it before but we eventually started boiling our water… then switching to buying our own purifier and even buying bottled water because murky water was flowing from our faucet and there were times when the filter we placed in our faucet would turn black… the color of the dirty canal with sediments. Yuck! We also had to put filter in all faucets because who’d want to take a bath in icky water!

The water condition was growing worse especially since the steel pipes were rusty and there were lots of pipes submerged in the dirty drainage water especially so when the PVC pipes started to be used and the proliferation of illegal connections expose the water to the dirty elements. Ewwww!

I get frustrated everytime I see the exposed pipes in the dirty open drainage which was common in our area.

When Manila Waters took over the concessionaire in our area, they started to change the pipes. They removed the old pipes from the drainage and put in bigger pipes buried deeper then grouped together smaller pipes that goes to the household. We started to have cleaner water… Oh it took some time but you notice the difference. The water supply in our area is very good! We have water 24 hours a day and the water in our faucet is clean… oh there are days that the filter would turn brown too, but we never get sand and black particles anymore and I don’t see pipes submerged in the drainage. However, the fear of safe water has somehow crept to my system. We still have our purifier at home and we don’t drink water from the tap at home anymore. The same actually goes when I am in the office and everywhere else, it has to be purified water! But you know what? There are times I would visit women in our community and have fellowship in their home and they would offer water taken directly from tap or juice prepared from water from tap and I could not refuse them. I’d take the drink they offer but there is always a prayer that goes with it “Lord don’t let my stomach get sick from this water.” And so far the water is okay and I’m okay! (“,)


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