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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day

It is Father's day once again.
But what do you do when your father is gone and you want to honor him?
I figured that it is best to do the things that would have made him happy if he was around. And the thing that would really have made him happy was to make mama happy and see his family together.

Our family had a celebration, we had lunch in a restaurant after going to mass (mama was happy because the food was good and that we did not have to bother with the preparation and doing the dishes!) then we went to the cemetery for a visit and a short prayer. The 6 grandkids tried to fit themselves in a big umbrella, while the others stayed in the shade of the mahogany tree while we had our prayer... and and yes we saw the caretaker of the plot and paid him. Mama worries if we are not able to pay lest he doesn't care for the plot but the grass is thick and green and neat so she is happy.

Now if the kids (small and big ones) will only behave everyday then she'll always be happy! Then I know that papa is always happy too!


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