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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Terry's Mother's day surprise

My sister Terry beat me to this...

She posted mama's picture in her facebook account!
I don't have a facebook account but I was looking at her photo while I was in her room earlier and wanted to put it here in my blog. My mother is one beautiful woman. Lots prettier than I am! and she is still beautiful up to this day.

The posting in her facebook is not the only thing she did ahead of me too.

The other sibling and I were talking about what we were going to serve tomorrow (oops it is today already) for Mother's day and we were even wondering if Terry was coming around. Instead she and her kids came tonight with a lot of donuts and surprised all of us. The kids (nieces and nephews) were happy because they are always excited when she comes plus she also brings along her children and they are also excited to see their Kuya Jigs!, the siblings and I were happy and of course the most important thing --mama was happy. She actually was already in bed when they came since she called it an early night but when she heard them came, she got up and was wide awake. And while the kids and Jigs were in the bedroom with their computer (well after they took their donuts), Tin (Terry's older daughter) and the rest of us were in the dining room's round table and we were talking... As always... with Terry starting showing off her facebook then eventually talking and we were all listening to her, laughing and sharing our own views. If she is in the mood she is one good story teller. And there were lots of stories tonight plus coffee too since it went well with the donuts. I can see how mama enjoyed it that she lost her sleepiness.

It turned out to be an advance mother's day celebration. Food is not really the important thing in a get together but the stories, the bonding and the feeling of family. We had all those tonight and it was really good.

Terry really got one (well actually two) over me... BUT I sure appreciate it.

A surprise get together is always good...

And it makes you feel really light hearted and you feel so thankful that despite being so imperfect, we are a family and we know it... so that means we are really blessed. :-)

More blessings and happiness to my beautiful mama, and of course to the rest of the mommies in my home and everywhere else!

Happy Mothers' day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rhandy's Facebook video of your Mother's Day celebration was really great! Wow!! Even had a whole cooked pig!

10:30 AM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

I do not have a facebook account Erik so I don't get to see my families' posts but I did get to see the video since my sis-in-law posted it also in youtube! Yup there was one whole pig in one of the celebrations. We call it lechon!

And it was not Rhandy who made the video actually but my s-i-l ;-)

1:06 AM  

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