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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday, I attended a jubilee celebration – diamond, golden and silver of several nuns of a congregation and it started with the Eucharistic celebration which was concelebrated by 8 bishops which was of course great. But what really struck me during the whole celebration was the conductress (that’s the term right?) of the choir of nuns from the congregation. She was old but boy oh boy you should see her conduct… it was with PASSION. The voices of the choir could not match her lead but she did not mind. She was giving it her best!

I was seated from a distance but I had a good view of her (I thought advantage of being tall) and I sang on all the songs that I knew as I followed her beat, even following how to form my lips… following her lead to sing softly or to sing with force or to stop abruptly. I wanted to sing with passion too!

After the celebration I got to talk with some people and they too noticed her and like me they too followed her beat.

I was reflecting on this and realized that if you have passion for your work and people see your passion they can’t help but be affected by it too. I wish I have the same effect on people too!


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