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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bloom from non-green thumb

I saw the flowers bloom in our very small garden yesterday that I got so excited and called everyone at home to take a look and see! It doesn't seem a big thing but it sure made me happy -- ME, a Non-green thumb who had several attempts in planting but oftentimes fail and now had a plant that had flowers! And they are pretty and there more shoots coming in!!!

I was also excited because I remember how my friend was so sick from her cancer when I visited her before and saw the plant in her vase. It had flowers when I came and I told her it was nice and she gave me some to take home and said that it was easy to grow and that I just have to place it in a vase or just stick it on soil and it will surely grow. I had doubts that I could make it grow and bear flowers but I was excited when she gave me some of the greens. I placed some in the vase and some in our garden. That has been in December last year.

It has taken a long time to really grow and bear flowers but it finally did! And they are such lovely joyful flowers. It is not only because of seeing the flowers that made me excited but it was also because of the memory of my friend. She died in January this year after her struggle with the disease. She was such a green thumb! Her home is full of plants both inside and out. The plant and now the flowers are her legacy to me... they are a gift of friendship... the nurturing of life!

And I could not contain the join in myself that i did not only share it with my family but also told my other friends... and they too want a part of it... not just a photo but also part of the plant which they too want to plant in their home and allow to grow and flower and bring joy as our friend... our sister has brought joy and life to us!

I am looking forward to more of my Sis Baby's happy flowers!


Anonymous bing said...

wow, truly a wow! i've no green thumb, too, and i say it's a wonderful achievement to see a plant grow in your garden without a green thumb to nurture it. what a blessing!

6:17 AM  

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