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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty!

I feel so blessed to get easily get sleep unlike many people. When I sleep at night I would already wake up in the morning and oftentimes would not even be aware what went on during the night… overnight blackouts… commotion outside the home...

This has been so for a long time except for a period in my life when I took care of my grandmother who snores loudly and I had to wake up around 5 times a night NOT because of her snore since I found out that I could easily catch my sleep just by touching her a bit so she stops snoring for a few minutes and I get to go back to sleep BUT to change her wet clothing when she pees and I feel the warm liquid on my knee which I position near her buttocks while we sleep (that’s another grace and blessing but another story) and other period when I was not able to sleep for 3 weeks and I felt like I was going to lose my head… just couldn’t get it no matter how I tried but didn’t get it for those times but eventually (Thanks God!) I was able to recover and am back to being a sleeping beauty and appreciate this special blessing.

I think about this blessing once again because I went to a 3-day conference and we went to stay in a residential place (for a fee of course). The one who got the place told us that the owner she thinks was either a foreigner or an executive and the place was air-conditioned and our fee would cover not just the room but also breakfast and the transportation going to the venue. I thought the daily rate was a bit high but it was better than not having any place to stay. Anyway, I went straight to the venue… well not actually straight since from the airport I went to the city for some personal business before heading to the venue and we went to the place already late. When we got there, the place wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. It was indeed an executive’s place – a staff house offered by the company for the officers and the home was in the compound of the company BUT it was old and made of wood. Well as long as it is comfortable inside I thought. We were just going to be in one room all 9 of us but as long as there is bed to sleep on I thought. We came in batches and as the last batch came it turned out that we were short by one bed so two smaller women had to share one. One who was already settled volunteered to move to a smaller bed so the biggest among us who came late would be comfortable… so everything was settled. I got to my bed and slept… and sleep I did! When I woke up the next morning and had breakfast (a very good, delicious and heavy breakfast) I saw that the 3 women who came ahead of us where moving out… then the four who came late told the one who made arrangement that they were moving out also.

I realized that as I slept though to the night that so many things happened. That the big one kept coughing from allergy and that it wasn’t cold so she had to bang the door of the owner to get an electric fan, that some of the girls had to go down at some point while some had to go to the wash room. That the owner felt bad when the big one pounded on her door… that the 3 who came earlier were not able to sleep because of the noise from the late comers… that conflicts arose during the night that extended to the day. And all I can say when they asked me about the place was I had no trouble and that the food was great!

So the next night there were only 3 of us in the big room. It was COLD. It turned out that it was not cold the previous night because someone turned the air-conditioning to “fan” mode. The owner felt bad at what happened especially with the big one… and because she liked the 3 of us that remained she slashed our fee to just half and prepared once again a very good breakfast. Ahhhh indeed I am so blessed!


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