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Thursday, April 08, 2010

My new red shoes!

I was not feeling too well last Monday and my feet are not feeling great either. I wanted to get something that I could use to work and feel really comfy… so I went to the mall and headed to the ladies big sizes section. There were a lot on display but I was looking for something that I’d feel happy wearing. Only 3 looked nice to me and I tried them, one felt nice on the feet but funny it was bigger than what I need and the size I need is gone…. Arghhh… No luck on finding a nice and comfy footwear for work…

I headed for the men’s rubber shoes section and was looking and lifting trying to find something nice and light. I want something that look like a converse but felt light… so I went looking and lifting and trying those that seem to fit from the display. The guy was asking me to try something and it felt nice though I did not really like it that much, I said okay he could ask for my size so I could try… then I went around other display racks and came upon a converse… looking and admiring but knowing they were heavy… then there on the stand was a red chuck taylor all star that seemed light so I lifted it and it was light!!! I tried it on.. it was a size 8 and my foot went in but it there was no space but I looked at the mirror and the red chuck taylor all star slim looked nice. The sales guy came to assist and got me a size 8 ½… geez! It fit me right and it felt nice!

I wore it to work the next day! Everybody noticed it… and I wore it again today and people at the office would still take notice and say it looked good on me and I would say “Yeah it does and I really like it too!”

It has been a long time since I wore red rubber shoes. I had a red Adidas rubber shoes from college till I was working and even if the style of soles changed I was still wearing it and enjoy wearing it until my feet seemed to have outgrown it.

And now I have a new red shoes again and I feel really nice. I look a bit funny and nerdy wearing my red rubber shoes but my heart feels light just looking at it on my feet.

Well I’ve gone to my room and changed to my slippers but as I write this and I think of my shoes… there is still a smile on my face and a song playing in my head from my Grade I (imagine that? I forget a lot of things but not a song from Grade I) which goes:

Ituro ang paa, ituro ang paa, ituro ang paa ninyo (2x)
Point to the foot, point to the foot, point to your foot (2x)
Nakikita nyo ba ang pulang sapatos ko?
Can you see my red shoes?
Nakikita nyo ba ang bagong sapatos ko?
Can you see my new shoes?

Repeat till you get tired singing but keep the happy smile on your face ;-)


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