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Monday, March 22, 2010

Seventy five

Today is my father's birthday. He would have been 75.
Yesterday we had a big celebration...
well big in the sense that the family is present
and we are one big family!
It wasn't really fancy... just food... and food... and
the sense of togetherness to celebrate a special event.
Then of course the oldies went to the cemetery
to light candles, offer some flowers and of course prayers.
That's it... not really fancy.

But I've told the office I wouldn't come today
SO I get to celebrate his day in my own special way
Just a trip to church (but don't i always do that?)
well with a special request that he looks after us
after all he is already in heaven fully at rest...
But the Lord could make him more happier
by taking care of the folks he left out here.

But there was another reason I didn't go to work today.
I wanted to spend time to do the review notes for my nephew
He's not doing well in school and it is his finals and
I figured that i'd help see him through

So I started my day going to church
Stayed a bit longer before going back home
Had breakfast then worked on the notes
Till my bro-in-law called me since it was time to fetch the kids
so we went and on the way I got a call that i had to see the teacher...
I said what???? oh my! what's more???

I went to the principal's office once again
I realized that the teacher did not allow him to take 2 exams
since he was laughing in class with one other classmate
That's it.. they let him out
I have accepted everything they have said against John in the past
but this time I said my piece and told them I felt it was too harsh...
I stayed there a long time and they did give him another chance

I remembered another nephew and papa.
He was worst than John when he was little
and papa would tease that he would surely get an award.
The teachers were requesting my sister to lessen his time in school
because he was too active and hard to keep up with...
but like papa they were more positive...
for true enough he did get an award.
He got "best in motor skill!" :-)

Some teachers know how to encourage students.
I wished JOhn's teacher knew how too.
And papa would be happy that he wouldn't just get a
passing mark in his card... a mere 75...
but something beyond... something that's given with love!


Anonymous bing said...

maybe the nephew needs more attention or has not reached the stage yet to be that interested about school. kids have different learning levels they say.

death is also one way to reunite with family and relatives..

5:59 PM  

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