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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jeepney scare

I was seated on the third seat from the door of the jeepney and there was heavy traffic. The jeepney was small and it was crowded because many passengers had big plastic bags of the things they bought. We were half way through when I suddenly heard a man said “Akin na ang celfone mo… ayaw mo ibigay???” (Give me your celfone… you don’t want to give???) and he put out his knife. He pointed it at the girl at the entrance. He was from outside the jeepney and he had a companion. I saw that he was a big man… couldn’t help look at him. The girl did not want to give her phone and the old lady beside her suddenly stood and moved inside the jeep. That’s when my heart started to beat fast. He was big and he could easily move over to me and I started to withdraw too. The man on the other side was not moving… he had a big plastic bag in front of him that covered his body. It was fast and the girl also moved inside and said no… The jeep was not moving. Then suddenly the men left! They were not able to get anything. One of the passengers looked and could see that they were just walking… they could easily come back so we were all on our guard. Then the jeepney moved slowly and everybody started to talk. The old lady said that she noticed the man in red passed earlier and was looking at the lady who was sending text through her celfone and that she wanted to caution her but the other came before she could. That was the time the whole thing got into the lady and when she started to fear.

Me… I felt my fear earlier. I was held up before and was also brandished with a knife and even if I resisted still lost my whole bag to them. After the lady I would have been the next target and I had a bag and she didn’t. My bag did not really have anything much, not even money since I only retained a few after giving my mother the amount I withdrew from my payroll ATM yesterday, but the recollection of my experience flashed back plus the thought that I was thinking of buying a new celfone since the one I’m using is already acting up…

Oh well, I lost the urge of buying a new celfone. But I am really thankful that no one in the jeepney got hurt.

Ahhh God always protect us on our trips… deliver us from all dangers and evil!


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