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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Five years!

Some time ago I checked my first post and realized that today would be 5 years since I started this blog. Time sure flies!

I used to write more but I don’t get to write as much as I would like to these days. Often times thoughts vanish before I am able to write them… well they don’t really vanish… more like the desire to write about them is gone when I am able to sit and visit my blog.

I remember that on the first year anniversary of my blog, I wrote an entry that used all the titles of my posts the past year and made a link to all of them. I just thought it would be pretty neat doing that and there was a satisfied smile on my face after completing the post. I would have loved to do that again but don’t have the energy to visit all my posts again. Arghhhh!!!!

Sometimes when I think about the past five years, I’d think that nothing seem to have changed much… yet sometimes I feel that so much has changed! A lot of times I still feel that I am a big kid with so much to be thankful for and look forward too but my big kid heart seems to have been scarred a lot of times too by events… people… thoughts… the world… my country… my family… my work. Yet I would vaguely remember a story I got on an email a long time ago of a prince (a statue) who boasted that he had the most perfect heart and was laughing at the heart of a poor man whose heart was tattered. The poor man however explained that his heart despite what it looked had a lot of good memories in them of though they seem scarred and imperfect, each segment is actually a piece of somebody else’s heart whom he has touched and has given a piece of themselves too. So like the prince who realized the value of what the old man said and gave a piece of his heart to the man and happily received a piece of his too, my tattered heart is a happy heart still!

So much have changed over the past five years too… new trends! Making money from your blog…Social networks like Facebook… then twitter even the templates of blogs are easier that you don’t have to edit from the html file. I get so many invites on facebook … even my nieces and nephews and grand niece have their own that they also volunteer to make me one. But I realize that somehow I am an old soul too and a non-conformist… hehehe… I still prefer doing things my way and still settle on doing things that I like… well at least for myself… some things I have to do for other people… sometimes I’m not really excited about but someone has got to do things or nothing gets done…. Arghhhh! Well that’s not really an arghhh but just a teenie weenie sigh… after all you do things for people you love and though at the outside there seems to be some grumbling… deep within there is actually joy because you are able to share a piece of yourself with them too.

Geez this is getting to be mushy when anniversaries should be happy post!

Well but it is a happy post after all because even after so many years I still enjoy seeing… thinking… and writing about fragments of my kaleidoscope life… my kaleidosthoughts!

As I say… happy thoughts… sad thoughts… anything goes… those are my kaleidosthoughts!


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